Welcome to Halfbeard Press!

Howdy, I’m Martin Ralya. I’ve been blogging for 15 years, first on TreasureTables.org, and then on Gnome Stew — and, since 2012, on my personal blog, Yore. I’ve also freelanced for the RPG industry (from 2004-2018), and I founded and ran another RPG publishing company, Engine Publishing, from 2009-2019.

Compared to my other work online and in publishing, Halfbeard Press is going to look the most like Yore, or maybe the early days of Treasure Tables (at least, it will at first). This is a lo-fi, DIY venture, and I’m trying to do as much of it as possible solo — even stuff like graphic design, an area where I am, at best, a clumsy dabbler. That’s how the roleplaying hobby started, and I like that spirit.

I’m honestly not sure how often I’ll use this blog. I’ve been writing Yore for 10 years, and all of the work that led to me starting Halfbeard Press has been done there. I don’t need a second blog — but I do want to celebrate today, the day I founded Halfbeard Press.

Check out Yore for my ongoing posting, and for tons of material for Godsbarrow (which is the whole reason Halfbeard Press exists!). It’s currently empty, but the Halfbeard Press DriveThruRPG page [affiliate link] is where you’ll find our books — starting with The Unlucky Isles, which is about 50% done as of this writing.

Happy gaming!