Howdy, I’m Martin Ralya! I founded Halfbeard Press in Seattle, Washington on July 7, 2022, with an eye to publishing material for the fantasy campaign setting I’ve been working on daily since March 2021: Godsbarrow.

This isn’t my first foray into RPG publishing. I founded Engine Publishing and ran it from 2009 to 2019, and the six books I published sold over 40,000 copies online and in retail stores worldwide. That was a ton of fun, but it was also pretty stressful at times.

Halfbeard Press is a quieter venture, and a much smaller one. I love the DIY ethos at the heart of the roleplaying hobby and the RPG industry, and one of my goals with Halfbeard Press is to do as much as possible by myself.

I’m excited to put some cool stuff out into the world, and I hope you enjoy my work.