Welcome to Halfbeard Press

Howdy, I’m Martin Ralya — and welcome to the website for Halfbeard Press! I founded this company on July 7, 2022, with an eye to publishing material for the fantasy campaign setting I’ve been working on daily since March 2021: Godsbarrow.

I’ve been creating and sharing maps, regional write-ups, design notes, cultural sketches, and all sorts of other material related to the world of Dormiir (more commonly known as Godsbarrow) on my personal blog, Yore. Starting up a Godsbarrow campaign was what galvanized me to set up Halfbeard Press and take a run at publishing my work.

I’m currently working on the first Halfbeard Press book, The Unlucky Isles, a gazetteer of the region that sits at the heart of everything I’ve created for Godsbarrow so far.

A portion of the Unlucky Isles, including parts of Brundir and Meskmur

Coming soon

The manuscript for The Unlucky Isles, a gazetteer of this ill-fated region of Godsbarrow, is now being proofread; layout is next. Keep an eye on the Halfbeard Press DriveThruRPG page [affiliate link] for its release.


Want to know more about Godsbarrow? I’ve been working on this fantasy campaign setting daily since March 2021, and sharing my material on Yore.


You can reach Halfbeard Press via email: martin at halfbeardpress dot com.